One-Stop-Solution School ERP Software for all kinds of Schools and Institutes.

Eduschoolapp ERP has been designed keeping in mind the the features ever required need to run school in a fully automated mode and more efficiently.

Eduschoolapp ERP System interface is extremly user-friendly which allows access with unique login and password for Teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and senior management of your school. All modules that are available in Eduschoolapp are designed in a way with its functionality that can facilitate all the processes of your school from admission of new students, timely fee reminders, exam and result notifications to parents to generating transfer certificates when the student has completed his / her studies at that school.

Eduschoolapp ERP System has different and independent modules to manage Attendance, Classwork, Homework, Examinations and Result mapping, School Calendar, Fees, Online tests and immediate results, Syllabus Management and many more.

The ERP also has a has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll, employee pay slips and employee leave management. To find out more, scroll through the below brief description module wise and try the free demo.

Base Modules

  • Mobile Version
    For Teachers
    1. The best of our tech in your hands
    2. View Time Table and plan accordingly
    3. Mark Attendance through the app
    4. Schedule Online tests and Exams through the app
    5. Check Home work status on the app
    For Parents / Students
    1. Get all the notifications of the daily report on the app
    2. View the complete academic calendar on the app
    3. Pay fees through your app
    4. Give Online Tests on the app and get results instantly
    5. Raise requests to the respective department from the app
  • Student Admission
    Student Admission:
    1. Manage new student admissions through online admission forms
    2. Faster and easy to use and easy to maintain records
    3. Easy to search and view whenever required
    4. Emergency Contact details facility available
    5. Manage and view all guardian details of the student alongwith the students previous school records, if any.
    6. Manage school records , attach or upload any document related to the student
    7. Customisable as per the school requirement
  • Courses and Class
    Courses / Subject and classes:
    1. Configure and manage multiple courses / subjects classwise.
    2. Can allot different teachers to the courses / subject as per their expertise.
    3. Can add the students in the courses / subject class wise basis their interest / fees paid
  • Time Table
    Time Table:
    1. Drag and drop timetable facility available
    2. Conflict warning if overlapping of teacher with other class for the same period
    3. Edit / Delet the Time table option available
    4. Teacher can view the full week's Time table at a glance and plan for the week accordingly
    5. Parent / Student can view the full week's Time table at a glance and plan Homework and books to be carried to school accordingly
    For Parents / Students
    1. Get all the notifications of the daily report on the app
    2. View the complete academic calendar on the app
    3. Pay fees through your app
    4. Give Online Tests on the app and get results instantly
    5. Raise requests to the respective department from the app
  • Attendance
    1. Easy marking of attendance.
    2. Reason of absence of a particular student can be updated while taking attendance
    3. Previous date editing can be done with proper reasoning
    4. Reports can be viewed basis the filter available
  • Principal / Teacher Login
    Principal / Teacher Login :
    1. Unique Login ID for Principal and all Teachers.
    2. All the login credentials are secured
    3. Principal can view the work alloted by teachers to the students and keep a track on the same.
    4. Teachers can perfoem multiple tasks with their login like taking attendance, deputing examination dates, assigning homework and onlines tests, etc
  • Parent / Student Login
    Parent / Student Login :
    1. Unique Login ID for Parents which can be accesed by the students also.
    2. All the login credentials are secured
    3. Parents can keep a track of the classwork completed at school and the homework assigned for the day. Also the parents can view the students's results post the examination.
    4. Students can take the online tests from the app itself by login in with their parent's credentials.
  • Customisable Home Screen
    Customisable Home Screen:
    1. Personalised Home Screen for each user based on their role in the management.
    2. Allows one click access to the function you wish to view
    3. Can be changed basis the user's requirement from time to time
  • Event Calendar
    Event Calendar :
    1. All reminder related information would be pre filled into the calendar irrestive of the login.
    2. Can view all details related to the student at just one glance of the monthly calendar
    3. All events are differntially color coded for easier understanding
  • Communication System
    Communication System:
    1. A easier way to reach out to teachers , parents or students for important information. The details are inputted in the system and given access to the person whom the communication has to be sent. Teachers can also use this facility to inform parents of the PTM or send out any reminders if any.
    2. Parent can raise a request also from the app regarding leave requests, fee enquiry , etc. which would go to the class teacher for resolution .
  • Gallery
    1. User can upload and share the photos in the album of the various activities taking place in the school.
  • Generate Reports
    Generate Reports :
    1. The authorised user can generate various reports which can be student wise , result or exam wise and even reports pertaining to the financials.
  • Access Control
    Access Control :
    1. The admin can provide access to the complete or partial functionaly basis the roles of the teachers or non-teacher staff.
    2. This feature helps the user to allot the tasks accordingly and keep a track of the same as well.
  • Data Import
    Data Import :
    1. User can save a lott of time by uploading bulk data into the ERP software as per the predefined format for further processing.
    2. The feauture allows a lot of time and effort saving for simplete data entry tasks.
  • SMS Integration
    SMS Integration :
    1. Send customized SMS on the parents or teacher's number in absence of the app.
    2. Allows the end user to be informed of the important updates
  • User Management Document
    User Management Document :
    1. There are 3 roles that determine what the user can do with their unique login - Principal / Admin , Teacher and Parent.
    2. The Admin can manage and assign the previledges based on the user be it editing rights or just viewing rights.

Pro Modules

  • Staff Human Resources
    Staff Human Resources :
    1. Manage all staff from their joining to exit
    2. Payslip download option available on monthly basis
    3. Efficient leave management system available
  • Examination
    Examination :
    1. System gives the facility the create different types of exams basis the school curriculam / yearly plan
    2. The user can assign the exem to the complete class or a set of students
    3. Notification of the exams is sent to the parent timely
    4. Grading can be depening on the evaluation methods opted by the school
  • Report Card Management
    Report Card Management :
    1. Generate the report card depending on the exemans conducted for the students
    2. The system is automatic and quick which is extremely time efficient for the teachers
    3. The user can view exam wise report or individual subject wise report in the student
  • Online Test
    Online Test :
    1. The user can assign the Online test to a single student or the complete class basis the requirement
    2. Question paper can be uploaded using the pre defoned format or can be filled in manually also
    3. Automatic reminders to teacher if no Online test assigned to the student every 15 days for her respective subject
    4. Parents get notification of the test assigned with its due date
    5. Immediate result generation within seconds of the student answering the test
  • Newsletter
    Newsletter :
    1. Weekly newsletter sent to all users regarding the upates in the education sector
  • Classwork Management
    Classwork Management :
    1. 1. Daily update of the classwork details by the respective subject teacher
    2. 2. Status of the chapter - Reading, Homework , Completion , Doubt clearing, etc for the ease of the parents to understand
  • Home work Management
    Homework Management :
    1. 1. Daily update of the homework details by the respective subject teacher.
    2. 2. Parents can update the app into completion status once their ward has completed the Homework
    3. 3. Teacher has access to the list of students completed / not completed the Homework
    4. 4. Easy upload of image / doc for the ease of the teacher
  • Syllabus Management
    Syllabus Management :
    1. 1. Cummulative update subject and chapter wise for the respective exam
    2. 2. Teacher / Principal and the parents has the clarity of how much syllabus is pending for the respective exam
  • Student Exit / Transfer Certificate
  • Survey
    Survey :
    1. 1. Admin can create a survey for the users to understand their decision
    2. 2. Can be done to take an opinion for picnic / functions, etc
  • Customised Reports
    Customized Reports :
    1. 1. Admin can create a survey for the users to understand their decision
    2. 2. Can be done to take an opinion for picnic / functions, etc
  • Theme
  • Data Management
  • Tasks
  • Library

Pro Plus Modules

  • Transportation Management
  • Fee Management
  • Data Export
  • Payment Gateway
  • Email Integration
  • API Access
  • Google Doc
  • Finance Management

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