Microsoft, HP, HPE offer certifications for new product management software

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, and HPE have all announced certifications to support their cloud-based applications, and they’ve all been signed up with Microsoft.

Microsoft and HP are the only companies to have signed up, though, so you can expect to see certifications soon for any of the major cloud-platform vendors.

The certifications are aimed at helping developers manage and maintain their products and services on Azure and HP’s cloud, respectively.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is offering certification for a new product-management software to help it automate the process of selling software across a range of cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

HPE is also offering a new certification to help with the business side of software licensing.

Here’s the full list of certifications and their requirements:Microsoft Azure Certified Solutions (V2.0) – This certification will help developers with managing and maintaining their Azure-based products.

This includes all of the cloud-related aspects of product management, including but not limited to: Licensing, Licensing-related contracts, pricing, and reporting.

It will help customers understand how Azure can help them better manage their business while offering cost effective and effective cloud solutions.

HP ECLC Certified Solutions – This certifications covers Azure platform services and cloud-side solutions, including: Pricing, Pricing-related documents, and billing.

This certification helps customers understand the advantages and disadvantages of cloud services.

Google Cloud Certified Solutions™ – This certificate will help you manage and control the data in and out of your Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The certifications will help manage your cloud-hosted applications and services.

The certification covers the Cloud Services Management (CSM) components, including Cloud Platform Services, Cloud Databases, Cloud Storage, Cloud Tools, Cloud Data Storage, and Cloud Applications.HPE Cloud Certified Solution™ – The HPE Cloud Certification Program is a new, open, and collaborative initiative that will provide customers with an open certification path for their HP Ecosystem products and applications.

The HP E Cloud Certification will help support the HPE Enterprise cloud platform platform, as well as HP Cloud Platform Service Management (CPSM).

This certification will allow you to easily create, deploy, manage, and scale cloud-specific applications on a single, unified, and automated basis.

Microsoft Azure Certified Products and Services (V3.0+) – This new certification will enable customers to create and manage Azure-related products and solutions.

It includes all the Cloud Platform and Cloud Datacenter-related components and features of Microsoft Azure Platform, including Licensing.

It also includes Cloud Platform Software licensing and Pricing, Cloud Platform Support, Cloud Cloud Service Management, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Application, Cloud Database, Cloud File System, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Marketplace, Cloud Service Administration, Cloud Services, and cloud application.HP ECLS Certified Solutions v3.1 – This Certification will provide a solution for the Microsoft Azure certification.

The new certification supports the Microsoft Cloud Platform service, including Azure Cloud Platform services.

This Certification provides all the features of the Microsoft ECLs Certification and enables customers to access and manage Microsoft Cloud Services and Cloud Platform through a single user experience.

Microsoft Cloud Certified Products (V4.0+) – Microsoft Cloud Certified Services is a certification that will enable you to manage Azure Cloud products and resources through a unified and automated environment.

This new certifications includes all Azure-cloud-related features, including the Azure Cloud Service and Cloud Application products, Azure Cloud Datacenters, Azure Datacord, and Azure Datacentre Management.

HP Cloud Certified Systems (V5.0+, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification Suite v6.0.1+) – Microsoft Azure Certification Suite, Microsoft Cloud Certification, and Microsoft Cloud Application can all be combined into a single certification.

HP’s Cloud Certified Applications Suite and HP Cloud Certification suite are combined into this certification.

Microsoft Cloud Applications Suite is included with the Microsoft-approved Microsoft Cloud Certificates for Azure, Microsoft-branded and licensed hardware, and the Microsoft Certified Solutions for Azure certification for all Microsoft-owned hardware and software.

HP eCloud Certified Solutions and HP eCLS certified solutions will be available to customers on a trial basis.

This certification is a significant step forward for the HP Cloud platform and a new way for users to manage and interact with their Azure and Cloud products, and it is a good sign that HP is stepping up its efforts to support its customers.

We look forward to working with HP to further support the new cloud platforms that these certifications support.

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