Managers are ‘in the game’ of quality management

Managing directors and senior executives across the industry have warned that the pressure on managers to deliver results will only grow and the stakes will only rise as the new season approaches.

The International Football Association Board of Governors (IFAB) has released its new global Quality Management Strategy, which lays out how to keep managers focused and focused on what they are doing and how they can be more effective.

The strategy was developed by IFA’s senior management committee and aims to make managers more effective and more effective at what they do, rather than what the industry wants them to do.

“Our approach is not a new one,” said IFA chief executive Alex Horne.

“We have been saying for some time that we have to look at how we do the job, not what we want them to be doing.”

“We’re not looking to be more ambitious, but we’re looking to do the right thing.”

This is a big shift for the industry, which has traditionally seen managers focus on a number of things to deliver success.

“A lot of people look at managers and say, ‘We want managers to do things that are less important than what they’re supposed to do,’ ” Horne said.

“But managers can’t just focus on the wrong things.”

IFA has introduced a new global definition of Quality Management that will focus on six key areas, including quality, consistency, performance, efficiency, accountability and governance. 

“It is a very new concept, and I think there is a lot of debate about what the right way is, what the best way is,” Horne added.

“And I think that we can find a way to find a better way.” 

In the new definition, the definition of “Quality Management” will include quality, efficiency and accountability.

“As we have always said, we are focused on managing our players and delivering the highest quality football experience, and we believe that a quality manager is a leader of a team of players who have the ability to improve their performance on and off the pitch.”

Horne described the new approach as “a very strong message to managers, to management teams and to everyone in the industry.”

“It’s a very clear message that managers are the people that are in the game, not the industry,” he said.

 IFA’s new global quality management strategy will be released on Thursday.

It will cover every area of the sport, including the development of the IFA Code of Ethics, the management of player development and the governance of clubs. 

“We are very pleased to see the impact of this on the way we do business,” Hornecke said. 

The IFA will also be releasing a new “guidance document” to the industry.

“I am particularly pleased with the guidance document on governance,” Hornet said.

IFA aims to be a globally recognised organisation that works towards promoting and maintaining the highest level of integrity and professional conduct in sport, the IFEB said in a statement. 

It is also encouraging to see IFA members and the global football community taking the lead in supporting the development and implementation of this new approach. 

IFC has launched a “Quality in Sport” campaign, with the help of a range of organisations including the Football Association, Premier League and the International Olympic Committee, and the BBC.

“We want to be part of this initiative to make sure that the IFC is in the driving seat of the change in the way that we are managing our business,” said Fergus Connolly, IFC’s managing director for football.

IFC is also introducing a new football club badge, which will be available to all football clubs in England. 

While some have criticised the IFOB’s approach, others have praised the board for tackling the challenges posed by the changing world of professional football.

“The IFOA is the only organisation that is actually delivering on the governance issue and has a really strong strategy on it,” Hornne said, adding that the board has been very clear in what they want to achieve in the coming months.

“They have been very much listening to us and doing what they can to implement that.

I think we have been able to deliver on that, and it’s been really rewarding.”

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