Why we need to re-think how we do business in the digital era

By Tom Beardsley | 03/05/2018 05:16:10A large-scale project to build a new city centre and its suburbs could be in jeopardy after the city’s developers revealed they were facing a shortage of workers.

The city of Missoula, the second largest in Montana, has a workforce of about 5,400 but is facing a long wait to fill vacancies.

“I think we’re at a point where there is a shortage right now,” said Melissa Beards, who has run the Missoulas municipal office since December 2018.

Beardsley said the city was currently seeking a full-time person for the job.

“We’re talking about 5-6 people that would be good for the city,” she said.

Missoula has a population of about 1.5 million.

Beardsle said the company could still secure more staff to staff the project, but she warned that the city will have to find new jobs to support the project.

She said she’s heard from residents about the difficulties in finding a job and said she hoped the city could find ways to address the shortage.

“I have heard from some of our members that they are not even looking for a job right now, but I think they are thinking that they’re going to find a job,” she told CBC News.

A number of the citys biggest employers have also said they could be affected.

The Missoulan city council is currently considering a proposal to lease the land from the developers to the developers of the project for $2.1 million per year.

The land will be used for housing and businesses.

A spokesperson for the developer said the project was in the early stages and no decisions have been made.

The city has already hired about 600 people.

Beards said she would need more people to fill jobs, but said the lack of jobs will hurt Missoulans economy.

“It’s going to hurt us because we’ve got to start paying the bills now,” she explained.

Missoulan has been on the brink of bankruptcy several times.

Its economy is the third largest in the US and employs about 20,000 people.

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