How to set up a task manager task manager definition for your Slackware 17.0 installation

Crypto – Slackware 17 release – What’s new, what’s changed, what is coming next – How to set it up and get started – Why use Slackware now?

– Who is using Slackware?

-Slack provides a very powerful task manager for creating tasks in Slackware that can be run anywhere with just a command line interface. 

However, to make it easy for people to start using it, Slackware 16.x users have had to use the command line and get some help with the setup. 

Here are some things to consider before you jump into setting up a Slackware task manager. 


Installing Slackware from Ubuntu 16.04.2 – This is a prerequisite, but it will also help you setup Slackware and add a Slack workspace. 

Ubuntu 16.4.2 is also available, but this version will only support Slackware Desktop and will not work with the Slackware Task Manager. 

The Slackware Manager will work with this version of Ubuntu, but not with Ubuntu 17.1 or later. 

You can find Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 16 Pro, Ubuntu 17, Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 19 and Ubuntu 20 for free at the Ubuntu Software Center. 


Configuring Slackware with the CLI – For the purposes of this article, I will be using Slack as an example. 

It should be noted that the Slack Desktop, which is used for all Slackware desktop tasks, is also a Slack task. 

To make this work, the Slackdesktop needs to be configured using the Slack Task Manager and it will be done in a similar manner. 

Slacks tasks will be available in the Slack task bar, and they will be grouped by tasks that you have set up. 3.

Setting up the Slackworks Task Manager – The Slackworks task manager is not available in Slackworks 17.x, but you can configure it in the slackworks.conf file. 

This file contains a number of options that will be used by the task manager to configure tasks for Slackworks 16.0 and 17.2. 

If you need more information, read my previous article about configuring Slackworks tasks for 17.3. 

 If all else fails, you can also look up the version number in the source code. 

For example, the command to setup Slackworks 15.4:$ sudo ./ 14.04$ sudo cat /etc/slack/slacks.conf.d/slaps-15.4 $ sudo cat Slackworks.slack15.44.conf $ sudo ./configure $ sudo make install If you are using a custom Slackware install, you may need to do some extra steps in order to get Slackworks installed correctly. 

In that case, the commands below should help you with that. 

Configuring Slack workspaces – The following commands are needed to setup all the Slack workspace configurations: 1) Set the Slack workspace: In order to set a Slackworks workspace, you need to add the SlackWorks workspace to the Slack Workspaces list. 

Add the SlackWork workspace by clicking the “Add workspace” button in the bottom left of the Slackwork panel. 

Note: If you need help with setting up Slackworks, read this guide. 

Then, you will be prompted to add an appropriate Slack workspace for the Slack user account you are creating. 

Create a new Slack workspace You will be asked to name the workspace and you will have the choice of creating a custom name or creating a SlackWorks name. 

After you select a name, you must click “Create” to create the workspace.

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