The New Year, 2018: How to Get an Angry Manager Salary

New York magazine, March 6, 2018—It’s hard to get an angry manager.

But what if you can get an anxious one?

That’s what one frustrated employee has found out by making it a reality with a $100,000 salary management course.

In the course, entitled Anger Management Classes, former Uber driver John Pinto, 47, a self-employed contractor, is tasked with teaching people how to be less anxious about the next paycheck.

“There’s no question that it’s an incredibly difficult thing to be anxious about,” he says.

“You need to have confidence in your own ability to get ahead.”

In his book, Anger Management Lessons, he explains the theory behind why we’re so anxious about what we earn, why we have a difficult time falling in love and how to overcome those fears.

He also offers tips for getting your boss to relax more and become more accommodating to your needs.

“It’s not an easy way to be employed, but it is a lot easier than it seems,” he adds.

Pinto says he has heard from people who have gotten jobs with Uber because they are anxious about their paychecks.

But it’s not just anxiety, he says: He says it’s a combination of a fear of failure and a fear that being an angry boss is a bad idea.

Pinsen says it takes a lot of discipline to be an angry employee.

He advises aspiring managers to stick to a strict schedule, work remotely, read a lot and avoid conflict with colleagues.

And if you don’t want to be a boss, Pinsen suggests quitting Uber and going freelance.

He recommends working as an actor or a singer and finding a career where you have less pressure.

“If you want to become a manager, you’ll have to become less nervous,” he warns.

“But if you want that to happen, you can learn how to relax.

You can learn to be more comfortable.”MORE:

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