10 things to know about social media in 2018

The most common social media problems today are the same as they were five years ago, but the answers to these and other questions will change depending on where you are.

This is a guide to some of the more common social issues you may run into on social media today, and to help you avoid them in the future.

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What do we do?

How to share contentWhat do our friends say?

How do we feel about it?

What is a friend?

What are our rules for sharing?

What’s the difference between a friend and a friend of friends?

What happens when we leave Facebook?

What does the future hold for social media?

What kind of content should I post?

How can I avoid being seen?

Who is an online friend?

How is my content perceived online?

What makes someone share my content?

What should I do if my friends and family find out I’m posting stuff on social?

How should I respond to people who say they don’t want to share stuff with me?

What if I get a nasty message?

How many times can you share my photos?

What social media friends can I reach?

What can I say on social if someone asks me to?

What types of content can I post on social without being seen on the network?

Why can’t I post photos of my wedding?

What to do if I’m told my pictures have been removed?

What when I’m on Facebook or TwitterI’m a friend.

I’m not sharing anything with my friends.

I don’t have a social media presence.

Who am I?

What am I allowed to do?

Why are my friends watching my videos?

Who gets to decide what I do?

Who can I talk to about a topic?

How am I supposed to handle a problem?

What rights do I have on social networks?

What tools do I need to use to share my thoughts?

What other tools can I use to post to Facebook?

Can I share my business or job information?

How much money do I earn?

Can my friends contact me?

How does this affect my privacy?

Can a friend request that I stop sharing?

How important is my safety?

What type of social media accounts should I use?

What kinds of content is OK to share with people I don, and who shouldn’t?

How will my friends react to my sharing?

Who has access to my information?

What, if anything, is my right to know?

How often do my friends ask me to stop sharing things on social platforms?

What about my privacy rights?

Will I get banned?

What advice do I want my friends to give me?

Is it okay to share intimate or sexually explicit content?

Who does my privacy affect?

Who will have access to what I share?

Can the police contact me if I have concerns?

Can Facebook remove my content if it violates their terms of service?

Who owns my content when I post it?

Can you see who is sharing my content on Facebook?

How long does Facebook maintain the information it collects?

Who decides what I can and cannot post?

What will happen if I delete content?

How are my pictures and videos shared on Facebook and Twitter?

How close can I be to my friends when I share photos and videos?

What I can do if a friend or family member decides to take my picture and/or video without my permission?

What else should I know about privacy laws?

How I can change my name on social networking sites?

What information do I provide when I create a profile?

Who pays for my account?

How well can I share pictures, videos, and other content online?

Does Facebook let people use their photos and video without me knowing?

Is there a way to prevent me from sharing my photos and/our content online without my consent?

Can your friend see my profile photo?

Can someone see my video?

Does my name or photo appear in my profile picture or on the video I’m sharing?

Is my name associated with my location when someone uses my location information?

Is Facebook working to make this information more private?

How my photos are stored and protected?

Does anyone else have my photos or video stored on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, or do they own them?

Is this information shared with others?

What data do they have about my Facebook and/and/or Twitter accounts?

Who controls my location?

What companies do Facebook and other social networking websites and services sell or share my personal information with?

Can anyone else use my location data?

What content is available for purchase on Facebook without my knowledge?

Can friends see my videos or photos on the site?

How private are my photos when I’re sharing them online?

Can others see my photos, videos and other digital content when they share them online on Facebook as well?

Can people read my videos, photos and other information when I

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