What’s behind Israel’s ‘war on the internet’?

An Israeli army spokesperson says the army has launched a campaign against illegal websites that it accuses of promoting “terrorism and hate speech” on the web.

In a statement, the spokesperson said the Israeli military has launched Operation War on the Internet, which has the aim of destroying “terrorist and hate-speech websites”.

The military has already arrested at least seven people and closed more than 50 websites.

The government has launched an initiative in October to create a national registry of all websites deemed to promote terrorism and hate crimes, including those that incite violence against Israelis.

On Monday, the head of the Israeli civil society organization Avi Issacharoff condemned the crackdown.

“I am outraged by the decision to declare a national blacklist of illegal websites, which is completely at odds with the democratic values of the state and the international community,” Issacharsaid in a statement.

“Israel has a right to free expression, including free speech that does not seek to hurt or divide, but rather promote the values of Israel and its citizens.

This is an unprecedented and grave infringement of human rights.”

The army said the sites targeted were not “hostile” to the state, but that the information contained in the websites was “contrary to the basic values of democratic values.”

Issachari told Israel Radio that the sites included “offensive” and “irresponsible” content that “should not be shared on the open internet”.

The IDF has also targeted other illegal online platforms, including sites dedicated to the online gaming industry and anti-government groups.

The online platforms that were targeted by the army include gaming website The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which hosts a large archive of games, as well as a news site dedicated to pro-Palestinian views.

It also banned news website Electronic Intifada and the Facebook pages of the United States and Germany.

The IDF’s online censorship is “a major victory for freedom of expression,” Issachearoff said.

“This new censorship has been long overdue,” he said.

Additional reporting by David Brunnstrom in Tel Aviv and Avi Weiss in Jerusalem

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