The Future of Pain Management Clinic in Australia

Posted September 21, 2018 03:31:50The Australian Government is considering a pilot program that would see doctors working directly with patients and taking part in the treatment of chronic pain, with a focus on pain management clinics in underserved communities.

The National Pain Management Coalition is lobbying the Federal Government for a pilot project to establish a Pain Management Centre at the new National Pain Center in Sydney, where doctors would provide pain management services, including epidural and laser therapy.

“We believe this is the first step in establishing a national pain management center,” Dr Lisa O’Donnell, the national pain manager at the NPC, said.

NPC is calling for the Federal government to create a national national pain centre that would provide health professionals and medical practitioners the same treatment options that are available in state-funded clinics.

Dr O’Brien said the NPSC would partner with the Victorian Health Service to establish the centre.

Under the scheme, doctors would work closely with patients, treating them for a range of chronic conditions, including cancer, arthritis, chronic pain and other health conditions.

They would then offer support to people with chronic pain.

In return, the NPA would receive a small fee to cover the costs of the clinic.

Currently, only patients with certain types of cancer or arthritis receive an epidural, while the National Pain Control Network (NPCN) provides pain management for chronic pain patients in the state of Victoria.

If approved, the program would have a limited duration, with no guarantee that the patients would receive pain treatment.

Professor John Stokes, who heads the Pain Management Practice Centre at University of Melbourne, said the proposed pain management centre would complement existing national pain centres in the region, but would not be similar to existing centres in NSW or Queensland.

While the NPPC is in discussions with the Federal Health Minister about the feasibility of a regional centre, he said it was too early to tell whether it would be possible to establish such a centre in Victoria.

Dr Orellen said there were currently a total of nine Pain Management Clinics operating in Victoria, including one in Melbourne and two in the Sunshine Coast.

There are currently six pain management centers across Victoria, but the NPLN currently has six centres in Victoria as well as one in Brisbane.

According to Dr Orelles, it was likely that a regional pain centre would be more efficient and provide patients with a better quality of care.

However, she said the pain management clinic model would require some infrastructure to operate, and was unlikely to be a viable option for regional pain centres.

She said it would also need to provide a wider range of services, and she was concerned about the cost of setting up such a facility.


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