Which is the best college degree to take for construction jobs?

Newsweek has launched an online survey of more than 1,600 graduates to see which major is the most likely to get you a job as a professional construction manager.

The survey was started by the Center for a New American Economy, a nonprofit research group that’s focused on the future of manufacturing.

The study surveyed more than 800 graduating construction managers and their parents to determine the top three engineering and construction majors for the coming years.

The top three majors are mechanical engineering, computer science and business administration.

The most popular major among the top four was computer science, with 19.3 percent of respondents saying they’re considering the program.

Engineering is also popular among the most-interested group: engineering students who were interested in engineering at all.

About 9.4 percent of engineering students are interested in majoring in construction, and 5.7 percent said they were considering majoring into it.

Computer science has been a strong contender for engineering graduates in recent years.

About 18 percent of engineers said they are considering major in computer science.

Computer and Information Science students, on the other hand, were the most active group among engineers interested in computer and information science.

About 8.3 of engineering majors are currently studying computer and engineering.

Computer engineering was the most popular engineering major in the U.S. for engineering students in 2015.

The other top engineering major was computer and informatics.

About 4.2 percent of the engineering majors were computer science majors.

About 1.7 of engineering graduates were pursuing computer and Information Sciences majors, which accounted for 8.2 of engineering’s engineering graduates.

The majority of engineering grads are also interested in other types of engineering, with 21.7% choosing an engineering major from an area of business and science, 9.1% choosing engineering majors from an engineering field and 7.4% choosing a second engineering major.

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