How to get the best salary deal for McDonalds manager

The average McDonalds franchisee’s annual salary is $48,000, according to a survey of franchisees by the financial site NerdWallet.

But the survey found that managers in some fast-food chains are paid substantially more than their competitors, and some companies are even paying managers more than a CEO.

Here’s how to find the best McDonalds deal.

What you need to know about franchising and franchise feesThe survey of nearly 200 franchisees found that average pay for McDonald’s franchisees ranged from $41,000 in the Chicago area to $61,000 elsewhere in the country.

In some cities, franchisees earned $50,000 or more per year.

The average compensation for a McDonalds CEO, for example, was $1.3 million in 2013, according the company.

But many of the franchisees who responded said that their pay was below average, with only 9% saying their average pay was “less than average” and only 5% saying they earned less than their peers.

“You have to consider the context in which you’re working,” said one franchisee, who asked to remain anonymous because he’s not authorized to speak publicly.

“You’re not a corporate office.

You’re not the CEO of a company.

You have to have a little bit of independence.”

The survey also found that franchisees in California earned $41.1 million in 2014, with a median of $49,400.

This was an increase of 7% over the previous year, the NerdWallet survey found.

But this average pay fell short of the average of $59,100, where it was surpassed only by McDonald’s CEO and president John Schnatter’s salary.

The average pay in Chicago was $51,800.

And in Las Vegas, which has one of the highest average paystubs in the U.S., the median compensation was $46,900, according, the company’s annual report.

And in New York, which ranks second in the nation in average pay, the average compensation was just $39,200, the report found.

But franchisees also are getting better at negotiating, and the average pay gap between CEOs and managers has narrowed in recent years, said Jeffrey N. Cohen, a former McDonalds executive who is now the president of the New York University School of Business.

“A franchisee can negotiate a better salary than a full-time CEO,” Cohen said.

“They’re getting better.”

For franchisees, that means lower average wages compared to the typical worker.

But it also means that they’re getting paid more for their work, he added.

Some franchisees are getting paid substantially above averageWhile some franchisees receive pay that’s above the national average, there are many in the fast-service business who earn significantly more.

A survey of the top 1,000 McDonalds restaurants found that 1 in 5 workers in the company earned at least $100,000 a year, while 1 in 7 workers earned at the higher end of that range.

The survey also reported that, for the last six years, 1 in 4 franchisees had earned more than $1 million.

But for the same period, the median annual salary of franchisee employees was $49 and the median pay for franchisees with 20 or more years of experience was $53,000.

NerdWallet also found the average franchisee salary was $43,000 last year, up 2% from 2013.

And, while average pay at some restaurants is more than double that of franchise owners, it’s still below the average for the broader economy, according with the company:The average annual salary for a franchisee in the San Francisco Bay Area is $52,400, while the median is $44,200.

But when it comes to wages for franchisee workers overall, the San Jose, California-based company said the median salary is only $50 a year and the annual wage is $61.10.

“For franchising to really help a franchisees earnings, you need a system that can be a model of good pay and good benefits,” said Cohen.

“It’s a system where people are earning enough to support a family.”

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