Money managers who love the game

The world’s richest man is a man who can make anyone laugh.

But in his own words, he’s not joking.

And it’s not just in the film business.

“It’s true I’m a bit of a clown.

I like to laugh at myself, I like being the laughing stock of the world.

I think that’s the best way to learn.

You learn to be the laughingstock of the whole world, you learn to smile and laugh and have fun with it.

And it’s just not the way I am.”

But that was not always the case.

In fact, Mr Brown’s father was a banker and his father’s wife was a prostitute. 

When he was growing up, his mother used to give him a book of the plays by the great British playwright William Shakespeare.

“She always said, ‘Don’t let anybody tell you what to do.

He’s the greatest, he’ll make you the best’,” he said.”

And I think she was right.

He made me the greatest.

I don’t have a father to tell me what to be, I have my own voice and I have to be me.

So I do my own thing.”

The actor’s father died when he was just nine and the family moved to the US.

His mother had three children, two boys and a girl.

“I grew up with the idea that there were things I had to do, things I could’t do and things that were more important than myself.

And I knew there was a lot of things I couldn’t do,” he said, adding that he wanted to be a teacher.”

My father was in business and he was a really successful man.

I didn’t know it at the time but he was an entrepreneur and he made a lot more money than I did.”

He then worked in the arts and got into acting, with his first role being in the TV show The Real Adventures of Johnny Depp, where he played a young man who is haunted by a strange past.

“Johnny Depp was the biggest star in the world, he was famous and he knew all the money in the country, he knew everything about the country and he could make you a fortune in the movie business.

He could make money at a moment’s notice,” he recalled.

The first time he got involved in a film was with the 1980 film The Last of the Mohicans, which was directed by Robert Altman. 

Mr Brown said he wanted his career to be as different from his father as possible.

“He wanted me to be completely different from my father and not be a part of the film industry.

And so I thought I would just take my chances and make the most of my own talents,” he explained.”

But I didn- He was really into his work.

He was really happy to work and he’d take me on shoots and we would go back and forth and talk and he would take me to restaurants and do whatever he wanted.

He’d be really into the film, really into it.” 

Mr Browne’s films include My Father Was a Murderer, The King and I, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, A Day at the Races and the forthcoming The Last Days of the Last Man.

He said he loved acting, particularly the part of Charlie Chaplin, but was disappointed to learn the actor was married.

“It was really sad, because he was the greatest actor of his time and the greatest performer.

And he had a really great wife,” he remembered.”

We didn’t get along.

I was really disappointed.

I mean, we were just like brothers.”

In the early 80s, Mr Browne’s wife of 30 years, Debbie, died from complications from a rare and fatal form of lung cancer.

“For me it’s really sad because Debbie was a wonderful wife.

She was a great wife and I would love to go back to her,” he revealed.”

Because she was a beautiful woman, and she was so good to me.

I’d like to go and see her and be with her.”

His second wife, Diane, died of ovarian cancer in 2009.

He was also married to a young actress who he said was “like a sister to him”.

“She was really nice to me and I think I loved her very much,” he laughed.

“That was the last time I saw her, she died at her home.”

Mr Brown has a son with his third wife, actress Michelle McNamara.

The pair have three daughters. 

His third wife is also an actress, Michelle McNaradha.

He is now married to actress and comedian Emma Stone.

Mr Brown says he still has a lot to learn about acting.

“There are a lot, I’m still learning a lot,” he admitted.

“What I’m learning is to be more self-critical and to think about your own self-worth.

Because if you’re not happy, you don’t deserve anything.

And you shouldn’t have to work to

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