Managers at Google, Facebook are ‘at the top’ of their field

Google, which is expanding its role in India by offering a new suite of tools to developers and other IT pros, is spending $1.2 billion in its first year of operations to bring its software to the country.

The investment in new talent will be in line with the country’s growth in its technology sector, as the company aims to grow revenue by at least 50% by 2020, as well as by at most 30%.

The investment will be made in software, as its main product, Google Search, is used in over 40% of India’s population, and in search engines.

The other major product Google Maps, launched in 2015, is also used in nearly 80% of the country, and is the company’s most popular product.

In 2018, the company added another $400 million to its infrastructure investments, including a new data center in Hyderabad.

It also said it is investing $500 million to upgrade its manufacturing facilities, adding to the $3.8 billion it has invested in infrastructure over the past year.

The search giant’s new revenue-generating infrastructure investments will be matched by a number of other investments it will make in India, including its latest foray into cloud services.

It plans to build out a cloud-based cloud platform that will be able to help it track and manage its data, such as how users spend their time on the web and what services they use, and will also be able deliver more secure and faster service to users, the Times of Israel reported.

The company has also launched a data-driven business model, which will let companies and individuals to collaborate on data that would be automatically tracked by Google.

The company’s new data platform, which it calls Google Cloud Platform, will be used by businesses to offer new services to customers on demand.

This includes offering personalized recommendations based on users’ behavior and habits, as a way of helping people keep their health, finances and more informed.

Google will also use it to offer personalized content, which may include ads.

Google is also planning to make more of its data available for free to third parties, and has said it will open a cloud service called Cloud Platform to allow companies to use Google Cloud Search as their own data store.

Google is also building a data portal that will allow companies, organizations and individuals across the globe to share data from their data centers and to share it with the company.

The portal is scheduled to be launched in 2019, and the company is also expanding its data-sharing partnership with the Indian government, with an eye towards enabling its citizens to access government services.

The tech giant said that its first foray into mobile is its Android mobile operating system, which the company launched in March 2018.

It is also developing a mobile application for its Google Assistant, which has been a big hit with users, and plans to add voice and gesture controls to the application.

The software is expected to be available on Android smartphones and tablets by the end of the year.

Google also plans to offer Android apps for its search, YouTube, Maps and YouTube Red services, as it is aiming to build an online shopping platform for its services.

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