Obama: Dems are going to get out the vote for Obama’s re-election bid

By MARK REEDER and DAVID CRANEMAN New York, NY — President Barack Obama is taking a more aggressive approach to voter turnout than he did during the 2012 campaign.

“I’m going to make it easier and easier for people to register to vote, because they’re more interested in who’s going to win, who’s running, and who’s winning,” Obama said Wednesday at a campaign stop in New York City.

“I’m not going to give them more excuses for not wanting to vote.”

Obama, a Democrat, will take a more expansive approach to the voter registration process.

The president is proposing to expand voter registration to include a new website that will let voters register to cast a ballot in person, via a computer, or by mail.

The proposal also would require all eligible Americans to have a photo ID and would require any person who doesn’t have one to present a government-issued photo ID.

The president has called for an extension of the deadline for voters to register in the next two weeks.

In an effort to reduce voter fraud, Obama has proposed requiring anyone applying to vote to provide evidence of citizenship or a government photo ID in addition to the current requirement that the voter have a valid Social Security card.

He also has proposed a new system of requiring those registering to vote in person to provide photo identification, but has not specified how many people would be required to have those documents.

Obama said Wednesday that the government would provide free driver’s licenses and identification cards to anyone who shows up at a polling place and that anyone who does not have a driver’s license or identification card will have to pay a $20 fee.

Voter ID requirements are expected to cost the government about $40 million, according to the White House.

Obama has already said that he would spend $2.8 billion on election security measures over the next three years to prevent voter fraud.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama made an effort in part to combat voter fraud by encouraging states to pass laws requiring photo identification and requiring people to show identification to vote.

But that effort did not stop thousands of voters from casting ballots that were in the wrong hands.

About 2.6 million people voted in the last presidential election, according the Brennan Center for Justice, which advocates for voting rights.

Of those, 1.6 percent voted twice, according a report by the Center for American Progress, a progressive advocacy group.

Last month, President Barack Hussein Obama announced a national strategy to reduce voting fraud.

The strategy includes efforts to expand early voting and voting hours, increase voter registration and voter education, and increase voter turnout.

To prevent voter impersonation, the administration will require voters to provide proof of citizenship, according an official White House statement.

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